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Welcome to Aarohan Theatre

Aarohan was founded in 1982 by a group of theatre workers. In Nepali, Aarohan means to climb. It also means performing space. We work to create a Nepali theatre movement. We perform proscenium theatre by Nepali playwrights and adapt foreign plays to the Nepali context.
We have given training throughout the country, helping communities create their own theatre groups. We also perform Forum Theatre and train marginalised and oppressed people to use theatre as a weapon to improve their lives. In 2002, we founded Gurukul, Nepal's first school of theatre.
We believe that an indigenous theatre movement is both an alternative to a globalized consumer-oriented mass-media and a tool for empowering communities and individuals rendered marginal in modern Nepal.
Come and join us !

Voice of Kul Guru

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